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Our Mission

At wholehearted, we want to give you the opportunity to be the best version of yourself. We want to strengthen your immune system, improve your general health and help protect against the onset of chronic disease.

The way we choose to feed our bodies has a direct effect on our physical and mental state. Even the smallest of change, can project great outcomes. We want to help you make those small changes that will eventually add up to some huge results.

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3 day cleanse

There’s a lot in the world today that doesn’t do us good, our cleanse is the best way we know to give you a chance to release built up toxins and give your body a little reboot. The aim is to create a manageable routine that makes you want to stop consuming out of habit and fuelling your body in a positive way

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general health plan

One 375ml freshly made organic cold pressed juice delivered to your door step before 7.30am for five consecutive working days…Monday to Friday, for £24.99. No preservatives, not pressure treated or pasteurized and not frozen. Just raw organic cold pressed juice packed full of nutrients.

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bottled up

In today’s modern world our health is constantly under threat. This can be from chemicals and heavy metal exposure in the air that we breath, the radiation all around us, the stress of daily living or from the food and drink we choose to consume. Our bodies are left vulnerable to all different types of chronic disease and illnesses including Cancer, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, thyroid malfunction and much more.

The general health plan was created to cram in over twenty different types of nutrient and antioxidant rich organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices every week into your body, to help fight off these threats.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that these fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices are able to significantly lower the risk of developing these diseases, or if the diseases are already present, help in the fight against them.

Our juices

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cold pressed

Cold pressed; the clue’s in the name. We don’t use fast spinning, rapidly heating blades that will destroy the pure nutrients in our juices. In essence, say yes to the press.

organic ingredients

We take what nature gives us. Organic ingredients are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals, free from preservatives and pesticides.

plant based

We want to spread the message of the positivity of a plant-based lifestyle and the benefits you’ll feel quickly shifting away from unnecessary toxins and antigens.