Welcome to Wholehearted Organic!

Our Mission

Hi, we’re Wholehearted Co. We’re a family run outfit creating natural products that give you the chance to be the best version of yourself.

This isn’t a trend. The desire to feel amazing won’t go away. This is stripping things back to basics. This is returning to tradition. We want you to flourish to your full potential.

cold pressed

Cold pressed; the clue’s in the name. We don’t use heat to extract our juices and in doing this, we bring out the maximum amount of enzymes and nutrients. Normal juicing uses fast spinning blades that creates a huge amount of heat, therefore destroying all the good stuff and nobody wants that.

organic ingredients

Put simply, organic products are grown naturally without any artificial fertiliser, pesticides and herbicides. We let nature do it’s thing and don’t interfere by adding chemicals. Pressing juices with non-organic products would mean all the nasty stuff will be absorbed into your body and counteract all those positive nutrients. Our mission is to make juices that change you, so our entire process needs to represent that.

plant power

In an age of constant innovation, we neglect to admire what is naturally there in front of us. Nature provides us with the purest nutrition our bodies need, so why not use it and change your life?

locally sourced

We are so fortunate to work with an excellent supplier in the form of Watson and Pratt. They are an independent food shop based in Lampeter, West Wales. Sustainability is of great importance to them and where possible, they obtain their produce from organic local farms. They have exceptionally high standards meaning we get top quality organic produce.


At the source of wholehearted is the desire to improve the planet and also the lives of those that inhabit it. It is something that we consider in all our decision making. Our general health, shots and solely celery packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic and is BPA free. Although we encourage our customers to further recycle our packaging, we are currently in the process of sourcing a suitable 375ml glass bottle alterative…

delivered to you

To get the most out of our juices, we use fresh and press fresh. We also believe that consuming fresh will gain the most positive results, ensuring you receive the purest tasting juices and most powerful nutrients. That’s why we offer you a fresh daily delivery service to locations in Swansea and Cardiff.