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Are the blends a meal replacement?

We do not recommend the blends to be used as a meal replacement. To encourage healthy habits, consume our blends alongside a healthy and balanced diet.


Can I use the blends alongside medication?

We recommend that before consuming our blends, you consult your GP. This is to ensure that our blends are suitable to be used in addition to your medication and health conditions.


Are the blends safe for children?

Our blends are made using only 100% natural organic superfoods and are safe for children to consume. However, the Mindful Mushroom Coffee does contain caffeine and therefore not recommended for the consumption of children.

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What does organic mean?

It means the produce is grown naturally. Free from nasties such as chemicals and pesticides, which can have a damming effect on our health in many ways.

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Do your superfood blends have flavour?

They do not and the decision behind this was we wanted to keep the product pact with nutrient dense ingredients only. We developed the products to create the best long-lasting results within your body rather than the best short term taste. The beauty of this is it gives you the flexibility to incorporate the products into any flavour smoothie that you choose, on any given day.


How do I use your products?

Simple, you can add to your favourite smoothie/Juice and blend. Just add hot water to the mindful mushroom coffee (option to add a plant-based milk too) and it is possible to add the super green boost or the beauty powder straight to water to drink.

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