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When a juice is cold pressed it means the process of juice extraction, doesn’t require or create heat. This enables the maximum amount of precious enzymes and nutrients to be preserved in the final product, increasing the bioavailability of the ingredients used.

In contrast a standard Juicer will spin at approximately 5-10000 revs per minute, creating heat and destroying precious goodness in even the highest quality of products.

Organic cold pressed juice provides the best possible nourishment. Cold pressing fruits and vegetables makes the nutrients bio available and are absorbed directly into your bloodstream within 15 minutes of drinking.

Non organic produce is grown in artificial fertiliser often with added pesticides and herbicides, which are then stored in the fruit and vegetables. These toxic chemicals are then transported into the bodies of those that eat them. The purpose of consuming cold pressed juices on a regular basis, or indeed through a cleanse, is to eradicate toxins from your body. Therefore, it is entirely counter productive to use produce that is non organic. Also important to note is the fact that organic produce contain higher level of nutrients. So ORGANIC and COLD PRESSED juicing is the winning combination and the only way to obtain maximum health benefits.

In today’s world our health is constantly under threat. This can be from chemicals and heavy metal exposure in the air that we breath or from the food and drink we consume. We are also under threat from the radiation all around us and from the stress of daily living. Due to all this, our bodies are left vulnerable to all different types of chronic disease and illnesses including Cancer, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, thyroid malfunction and much more.

The purpose of the 3 day cleanse is to give your body a chance to release built up toxins and give your body a reboot. This will in turn help in the prevention of such chronic diseases. Allowing your body to cleanse increases your energy levels, improves the quality of your skin, hair and nails and makes the whites of your eyes brighter.

Also, although not primarily formulated for it, our cleanse helps with weight loss. The receptors at the top of the stomach help gage the nutritional content of what is entering the stomach, which then sends messages to the brain indicating your full. The detox fills you up on nutrients rather than calories. At the end of the cleanse, one of the main outcomes, is a new awareness of how much food we consume unnecessarily. It makes you want to stop eating out of habit and start eating to fuel your body in a positive way.

Doing a cleanse is a great way of setting you off on a healthy path that after the 3 days you really don’t want to deviate from.

We recommend that you do a 3 day cleanse at least once a month. However, doing it more or less does not deter from the its beneficial outcome each time. You can never have too much organic vegetables and fruit in your body. It will never do any harm.

We strongly advise that you do not freeze our juices. Freezing will compromise the quality of our juice and the texture will change once defrosted. To get maximum health benefits from our juices we advise that you consume them as soon as possible.

We recommend that you consume the juices as soon as possible to obtain the maximum health benefits but the juices and nut milks will last for up to 3 days if kept refrigerated.

Detoxing is the process of removing a build up of toxins from the body. Unbeknown to many, our bodies have marvellous self healing properties. If fuelled with organic fruit and vegetables our bodies have the ability to naturally remove the toxins that will build up through stress, pollution, diet and lifestyle choices. If we don’t give our bodies the opportunity to eliminate these toxins, the toxins can start to produce a negative effect on our cells, leading to ill health.

When we refer to cleansing we are referring to a period of time where you refrain from consuming solid food and instead only drink juices and nut milks that are created with ingredients that offer specific restorative properties. In doing so we allow our bodies to solely focus on using its energy to eradicate toxins from the body rather than using energy to digest new food that has been consumed.

Our cleanses offer a huge daily dose of organic, raw and fresh nutrition, the levels of which simply can not be replicated in even the healthiest daily diet of solid food. Without the body having to work hard at the digestion of solid food, it is given the opportunity to use all its energy to absorb the live nutrition within our organic cold pressed juices which subsequently aids in the removal of any built up toxins.

Most health issues stem from a defective gut. By cleansing we can give our gut and digestive system a chance to rest and rejuvenate by flooding it with pure nutrition that requires little effort for the body to process. By increasing the effectiveness of our digestive systems, we are increasing our bodies ability to absorb nutrients.

There is no alternative to our product that can be bought in supermarkets. Supermarket bought cold pressed juices have all either been treated with preservatives or pasteurized, killing precious enzymes and nutrients and proving highly counterproductive to the cold pressing process.