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Mushroom Extracts

written by Sophie Jenkins

December 10th

The power of mushrooms and their extracts is something that we have been researching and exploring for years.  

Replacing your morning coffee with our Mindful Mushroom Coffee allows you to benefit from the truly life changing effects the blend has to offer. Proving to aid in neurogenesis, assist healing and increase focus, it makes it an excellent all-round performance enhancer. So what makes mushrooms so great?

Two of the super beneficial ingredients our coffee contains are Lions Mane and Reishi extract. 

Unlike any other food on the planet, Lion’s Mane extract has a unique duo of compounds that have been shown to have remarkable effects on the brain. It has been traditionally used to treat stomach ailments and digestive issues too. How amazing is that? A truly remarkable mushroom. 

Reishi extract is our other powerhouse ingredient that aids the body’s ability to absorb oxygen in the blood. It’s loaded with antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, even helping with adrenal fatigue. This unique extract is known as “Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom” and we certainly consider it queen of our coffee.


Change your morning cuppa into something special with Mindful Mushroom Coffee. 







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