Our super foods story - Wholehearted Organic

We believe in the incredible health benefits of superfoods and are passionate about making them easly accessible for everyone.

Meet Our Co-Founders

Sophie Jenkins CO-FOUNDER

Graduated with a 2:1 in Psychology and is a fully qualified yoga teacher. Now a mum to three and passionate about helping others enhance their lives.

Rhodri Jenkins CO-FOUNDER

Cared for his terminally ill father for two years and has dedicated his life to researching how food and indeed, superfoods, can enhance our wellbeing and quality of life.

Where it all started…

After spending an extended period of time in LA, we were taken aback by the effortless availability of superfood, juices, easy-to-grab nutritious lunches; all organic and formulated to improve health. We felt for the first time that we weren’t just living but we were thriving. We became obsessed with the possibility of helping others thrive too. Our passion to help others feel this natural high was our driving force and just like that, Wholehearted was born.

What we believe

Small additions to your daily routine can create big results. These big results allow you to flourish both mentally and physically, whilst helping you achieve and maintain optimum health, and thus protect your future wellbeing.

On a mission

Our mission is to make optimal health accessible to all through our organic superfood range.

Only the highest quality organic superfoods are used in our products, giving you the opportunity to experience the extraordinary results that they offer. Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being. We firmly believe that our products can help you achieve both.

Our Values

Support people reach
their health goals
Educate others about the power of plants
Change lives for
the better
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