Welcome to Wholehearted Organic!

Our story

Rhod and myself changed our diets to become predominantly plant based almost five years ago. The change came after watching a series of documentaries based on the health risks that come with eating animal based products and indeed, also the animal cruelty involved. This started our journey into the research of how we as people and in turn our planet could benefit from eating a plant based diet. We discovered the huge positive impact that an increased consumption of plants can have on your health and how often a plant based diet, when done correctly can prevent and even cure chronic disease.

Family Business

We are a family run business based in Swansea and our mission is to help people increase their daily intake of fruit and vegetables in the easiest and most delicious way possible. We pride ourselves on supplying our customers with a product not only of the highest quality but one that can help them improve their wellbeing.

South Wales

Both our roots are in Swansea, so it made complete sense for us to operate from the city and country we love; a stone’s throw away from the sea air coastline. Our journey into juicing and a plant based lifestyle started at home with our family, so naturally we felt the business itself needed to grow at home with us.

Wholehearted is developed from our kitchen, pressed from a space in our garden and delivered in Rhod’s van.

Our mission

At wholehearted, we want to give you the opportunity to be the best version of yourself. We want to strengthen your immune system, improve your general health and help protect against the onset of chronic disease.

We passionately believe in the power of plants and the medicinal benefits they have to offer and we want to deliver that offering straight to your door step in the format of a delicious, raw, organic cold pressed juice. No mess, no fuss. It is essential to us that the produce we use is 100% organic and of the highest of quality. We want you, the consumer, to receive the maximum level of nutrients that in turn produce ultimate health benefits. We also made the decision for our juices to be cold pressed, meaning there is no heat involved in the process of juice extraction. Due to this, a significantly greater level of nutrients and precious enzymes are kept intact and ready to pass on to you.

The way we choose to feed our bodies has a direct effect on our physical and mental state. Even the smallest of change, can project great outcomes. We want to help you make those small changes that will eventually add up to some huge results.

This isn’t some trend. This is stripping things back to basics. This is returning to tradition. At wholehearted we want to fuel your body with nutrition rather than just calories. We want to nourish your bodies with organic plant-based goodness, giving you the chance to flourish to your full potential.