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3 day cleanse


Designed to detoxify your body while nourishing it with nutrients. This enhances your mental clarity, creates an inner glow, reboots your system and gives you a new found awareness of how you choose to fuel your body. It stops you eating out of habit and firmly sets you on a healthy path, that once on, you really don’t want to deviate from. This cleanse leaves you feeling energised, lighter and brighter. The new you is just around the corner…

Cleanse bottles are glass.

We recommend you take a probiotic whilst doing the cleanse as it helps facilitate the maximum absorption of nutrients from our top quality organic produce. The ones we always use and highly recommend are the global healing centre, latero-flora capsules.

We currently deliver to Swansea, Cardiff, Porthcawl and Cowbridge post codes. There is an additional £4.99 delivery charge for Cardiff, Porthcawl and Cowbridge orders.

Orders must be placed by Saturday 5pm on the weekend before the plan’s start date

All our juices are cold pressed and delivered fresh each morning:
Cleanse plan –
before 7.30am Monday to Wednesday


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