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x5 Solely Celery


Pure organic celery juice taken on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning, strengthens your digestion, creating a healthy gut environment, which in turn has been seen to eradicate many unexplained illnesses, skin conditions and muscle and joint pain. celery contains special nutrients in its fibres which are released when the vegetable is juiced. These nutrients promote optimal functioning of the digestive track by acting as a natural laxative. Celery juice soothes and cools the digestive track, reducing any inflammation and proving particularly beneficial for anyone with crhones disease, IBS, colon cancer, act. It is extremely hydrating and alkaline, making it effective in balancing the body’s PH level, neutralising any acidity in the body. An all round simple yet super juice!

Bottles are BPA FREE plastic and recyclable.

We currently only deliver to Swansea post codes

Orders must be placed by Sunday 4pm on the weekend before the plan’s start date

All our juices are cold pressed and delivered fresh each morning:
Solely celery plan –
before 7.30am Monday to Friday


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